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George A. SanFacon

George SanFacon is the author of Awake at Work: A Conscious Person’s Guide to the Workplace.

From 1983 to 2004, he served as Director of the Housing Facilities Department at the University of Michigan, where he helped pioneer implementing the council-of-equals model.

George is a Spears Center Associate whose goal is to help executives and organizations in creating and managing enterprises that promote a better and more workable world. In doing that, he strives to focus on translating the principles of servant-leadership into practice.

George SanFaconLeadership and Management Experience

Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant (2004-present). George works part-time as an executive coach and organizational consultant for servant leaders in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors.

Director of Facilities. University of Michigan Housing Division (1983-2004). Successfully used a formalized, first-among-equals framework to govern and manage the department. The mission was to operate, maintain, and renew the physical plant, which housed over 16,000 residents. Total staff: 250 people. Annual budget: $20 million.

Manager of Operations. University of Michigan Housing Division (1981-83).

Manager of Plant Engineering. Vought Corporation (1976-1978). Responsible for supervision of the plant engineering unit in a large manufacturing facility.

Teaching and Facilitating Experience

Seven Habits Facilitator. Certified facilitator for “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” program. George has taught this course to hundreds of participants over the last decade and a half.

Workshop/Seminar Leader. Have taught or facilitated a wide range of seminars and workshops in several areas, including service management, self-directed teams, energy conservation, organization development, and servant-leadership.

Math and Science Teacher. Kearsley Community Schools, 1971-73. Taught basic math, algebra, and chemistry in high school.


Awake at Work. Concepts and principles for creating better workplaces and a better world.

"Shared Management." Article in At Work magazine, providing an overview of the department’s unique system of participatory governance.

Facilities Council Handbook. An overview and guidebook for governing and managing an enterprise using Robert K. Greenleaf’s “first-among-equals” concept.