Dear Servant-Leader,

Hello again. This is the first newsletter since June. I decided to concentrate on several different projects this summer, and to take a break.

I am reminded of my childhood when school would resume and we would be asked to write a page on the theme of what I did over the summer. With that thought in mind, I thought that I would mention some of the servant-leadership highlights from this past summer—

•My colleague Shann Ferch and I completed work on the next servant-leadership anthology and signed a contract with Paulist Press. The Spirit of Servant-Leadership is scheduled to be published around Jan. 1, 2011.
•Shann and I also brought to publication the 2009 edition of The International Journal of Servant-Leadership. Now in its fifth year, the Journal is an annual publication of Gonzaga University and The Spears Center.
•My colleague Paul Davis and I launched the publication of a new book, The Human Treatment of Human Beings (Essays by John Donnelly, The Scanlon Foundation, paperback, $20).
•In June I travelled to Gonzaga to co-teach a doctoral course in Servant-Leadership that I designed. I continue to teach the online Servant-Leadership course for Gonzaga’s M.A. program in Organizational Leadership.

These and many other activities are vital expressions of The Spears Center’s mission to raise awareness and practice of servant-leadership around the world.

Warm regards,

Larry Larry C. Spears,
President & CEO
The Spears Center for Servant-Leadership