Dear Servant-Leader,

Over the past two decades, I have devoted myself to the joyful task of encouraging a better world through expanding our understanding and practices of servant-leadership. Much of my work has focused on communicating these ideas through a series of books, journals, articles, newsletters, essays, interviews, the internet, radio and television appearances, and hundreds of public presentations around the world. Slowly-but-surely, public awareness and practice of servant-leadership has grown.

It has been one year since The Spears Center for Servant-Leadership, Inc. was approved as a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization by the Internal Revenue Service. As a recognized public charity, we are eligible to receive contributions, grants, bequests, and other kinds of financial support. Financial donations to the Spears Center are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the tax laws.

The Spears Center board and I are working hard to put into place the basic building blocks for growing The Spears Center as a long-term resource for servant-leadership information and inspiration. We cordially invite you to show your support of our past, present, and future work through the kindness of your financial contribution to The Spears Center. Gifts to The Spears Center are deductible in computing Federal income tax. Donations of any size will be gratefully received, used well, and much appreciated.

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Or, if you prefer, your check may be sent to:

The Spears Center
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It is my sincere hope that in this season of giving you may be willing to show your support for our work in servant-leadership, today. Thank you.

Warm regards, Larry Larry C. Spears, President & CEO The Spears Center for Servant-Leadership