Within Your Reach The Beatitudes in Business and Everyday Life Selected Writings of C. E. (Bill) Bottum, Jr. Dorothy L. Lenz, George SanFacon, and Larry C. Spears

Editors Acknowledgements

Editors Dorothy Lenz, George SanFacon and Larry Spears are friends and admirers of the late Bill Bottum and his work. It was Larry who first expressed a belief that Bill had writings that ought to be published. When the others agreed, Larry drove from Indianapolis, Indiana, to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and with the permission of Bill’s daughters Lynn and Carolyn, worked to sort through the many writings Bill had stored in dozens of files and boxes. That was the first of Larry’s many trips to Ann Arbor during the project. Larry then spent hours culling out the manuscripts he deemed candidates for publication, proofreading them, and arranging them in logical order. For months afterward, the three editors continued this process individually and together. Most of the articles in this book were originally lectures or material for study sessions in a variety of settings. Since the Beatitude Way is the core of each, there is considerable repetition of commentary and illustration. The editors have chosen to leave these in tact in order to preserve the integrity of each piece. The project unfolded as an extended team effort. Lynn and Carolyn retyped many pages that would not scan. Alex SanFacon (Hedwerxdesign) prepared Bill’s original charts for printing, and Carolyn designed the covers and layout. This is a work of love, honoring Bill and helping to fulfill his lifelong vocation of getting the Beatitude message to an ever-increasing number of people.

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