The Human Treatment of Human Beings:  The Writings of John Donnelly

Edited by  Larry Spears and Paul Davis

John Donnelly used his family business---The Donnelly Corporation--- as a massive experiment in industrial democracy.   During John's life Donnelly was considered one of the most democratic corporations in America and was routinely ranked among the top twentyfive best places to work.  John was an Engineer training for the Priesthood when his father died and he came home to help run the family business.  John was a pioneer in applying servant leadership, the Scanlon Plan, the Managerial Grid, System 4, and Gainsharing to create a more Human place to work.

"...John Donnelly was doing servant leadership when servant leadership wasn't cool.  Predatory pracrtices were the norm during most of John's career.  He chose to break with the norm and move to higher ground.  His courage amnd commitment are also part of his legacy."

Robert Doyle


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